Dog-Friendly Wineries – Know When to Take Your Dog

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Dog-friendly wineries are popping up everywhere, but not all of them are dog friendly. It’s a fact of life that the majority of wineries do not allow dogs inside.

Dog-friendly wineries must be located outside of the city limits and must offer tours for dog owners to go and do their own tasting. Many people who travel outside of their local area don’t want to leave their dog behind. And there are many people who don’t even have a dog and don’t enjoy the attention that it brings.

The Basics

When you take your dog out to a winery tour, most of the people will probably be in a party mood. So, the tour doesn’t have to end in a group event; however, most of the tour guides will want to talk to you and give you a tour. This is especially true if you bring your dog along for the tasting. They have to be able to pet the dog, and all the owners bring their dogs so the tour guide has to be willing to pet your dog and sometimes pry a little too much into their personal lives.

Dog-Friendly Wineries

The last thing that you want to happen is for your dog to be caught with their mouth open as you’re checking over their stuff while they’re talking. And if you can get your dog to give you their self right after they see you, well then, that’s a bonus. However, many of the wineries that allow dogs will have you wait for them to take the dog in.

When you arrive at the wine tasting, you’ll notice that some of the dogs are obviously potty trained. Some wineries have them in a waiting area where you can leave your dog. Some wineries offer special crate and kennel areas where the dogs can go without running around and bothering other people.

The Vet

Some wineries even have an onsite veterinarian so you can let your dog run around while you are there. Others just have a small walk-in closet where you can leave your dog while you are there. In addition, many of the restaurants near wineries will not allow a dog. Sometimes they will accept dogs that are really just puppy dogs.

Of course, dogs at wineries are not the only dog that can be there. You will also find other dogs at wineries. In fact, more wineries are including other pets on their tours. Pet hotels are common at wineries.

Dog-Friendly Wineries

You may wonder why dogs need to be kept separate from the dogs of their guests. Well, let’s just say that in some instances, a pet at a winery doesn’t always get the same treatment as one that is brought in by a customer. They are trained to act as a guard dog.

Dogs are trained to show security when a person comes by so they can warn them that a dog is not supposed to be there. Their job is to be a deterrent.

The Wine Tasting

While you’re checking out a bottle, a staff member arrives and tries to pry a little information out of you about the taste of the wine. That could result in a rude comment, or worse yet, a bottle was thrown at your dog.

You may be surprised to learn that the cost of a dog-friendly winery tour can cost several hundred dollars. Some wineries have reserved spaces, but others do not. You can either call them ahead of time and tell them you’re on vacation and bringing your dog or you can just show up with your dog.

For those who love to bring their dogs with them on wine tasting tours, some wineries that allow dogs have made them their policy. They won’t charge you for the privilege of owning a dog on a wine tasting tour, but they won’t let your dog participate.

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