Discover the Best Trail – Mt Juliet Walking Track

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Have you ever heard of the Mt Juliet Walking Track? As the name suggests, this is a walking track that has to be hiked. One should be in excellent physical condition to hike the steep hill.

This trail has its origins from Mount Elias. It was a lookout post. For many years, the track was used by the local people who were engaged in forestry work. At present, it is still an open forested trail.

Most of the trails of this trail are designated as out of the way trails, mainly due to the difficult terrain and uneven rocky track. Therefore, most trail users do not bother to use them except for emergencies and the occasional hiker.


The track is maintained by the Nauru National Park Authority and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DFPW). The facilities that are available at the trail are great as the trail follows along the sea front and provides a nice view of the land and ocean.

As per the guidelines provided by DFPW, the track should be hiked during the early morning or late afternoon. Some of the best hiking spots include Meadow, Falls and Point Pleasant and Horseshoe Lighthouse. The best times to visit the Mt Juliet Trail are between mid-November and April.


There are certain camping sites near the Mt Juliet Trail as well as several camping spots along the coastline. Of the many that can be found around the Mount Juliet Trail are marinas, beaches, beaches and it is the main transport and commercial area of the Yarra Ranges National Park.

The track has several options when it comes to the accommodation. Some tents can be hired but the best way to enjoy your vacation is to avail of one of the camping tents. These are the luxurious and the best choice for a comfortable stay.


A good number of the hotels and lodge accommodations have rooms that can be booked on a multi-berth basis. The rooms are available in the following types: single occupancy, two and three stars. No matter what the preference is, the best accommodation will be the double or triple occupancy.

Most of the hikers who are on a hiking trip and are on their way to the Iron Age Hill Camps, the Longford Trail and the Fishermans Hillside Camps stop at the Staunton River Trail. A popular trail in the Nauru National Park is the Waverley River Trail, which leads into the town of Waverley. The Waverley River Trail is also known as the Tarcoola River Trail and is a wonderful trail that offers amazing scenery, woodlands and fantastic birdlife.

Mt Juliet Walking Track

Other Trails

The Waverley River Trail is also known as the Tarcoola River Trail and is a wonderful trail that offers amazing scenery, woodlands and fantastic birdlife. It is also a beautiful and relaxing stroll down the Tarcoola River.

Another popular trail that hikers usually go on is the Yarramissi Trail. The trail begins at the Allamanda Camp and then passes through the rustic surrounding and then to the Pawleys Island. Along the way, they get to view the wonderful place called Mooka Beach, there is another small beach called Beekman Sound.

The best time to hike the Mt Juliet Trail is during the winter season when the weather is really cold. You can also take a great picnic lunch on the beach.

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